Our history: more than 140 years of experience

Vialis was founded in 1999 by the merger of Nederland Haarlem and Volker Stevin Systems. In 2001, NMA Railway Signalling joined Vialis. After 1999, Vialis expanded with locations in Belgium, Poland and the Far East.

The history of Nederland Haarlem goes back to 1925. During that year, Factory and Trading company ‘Nederland’ was registered in the commercial register of Haarlem. Later, the name of the family company was changed into Nederland Haarlem.

During the first years, the company was mainly engaged with the production of mining equipment. With the increase of Dutch traffic, they also started activities in this market. Nederland Haarlem became part of Koninklijke Volker Stevin, currently VolkerWessels, in 1991.

Volker Stevin Systems started in 1948, when Electro Rail (ER) was founded. From this company, ER Traffic- & Industrial Systems came into existence, which also specialised on road traffic. In 1997, VolkerWessels accuired the company.

In 2001, Vialis expanded with NMA Railway Signalling. This company already existed in 1879, with the foundation of the ‘Alkmaarsche IJzer- en Metaalgieterij’, later called the ‘Nederlandse Machinefabriek Alkmaar’ (NMA). From 1960 to 1991, NMA was part of the electronics company Phillips. In 1991, the organisation became independent under the name NMA Holding, with NMA Railway Signalling as one of their operating companies. In 2007, TPA merged with Vialis.


The latest expansion was in 2011, when VolkerWessels’ company Volker Infra Systems merged with Vialis.