Mission and vision

Our mission

Vialis represents sustainable, safe and efficient mobility on roads, water and railways. This is achieved by designing, implementing and maintaining innovative mobility solutions. Vialis offers an important contribution to the urban quality and accessibility of cities, regions and economic centres.

Our vision

The need for transportation of people and goods will continue to grow in the next decade. Enabling this is of major importance for economic prosperity and social and cultural well-being. The mobility needs will vary according to place, time and motive.
Lack of capacity of the existing infrastructures and the vulnerability of the network in case of incidents, show that there is a need for a coherent, network-wide mobility solution for better use.

The government is focussing on her core business and are outsourcing operational tasks. Municipalities are shrinking and losing their knowledge, quality and capacity concerning design and management of mobility. More often, they will need help from companies like Vialis to take care of operational mobility management.