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Municipalities and provinces are looking for solutions to create a sustainable living environment. The pressure on traffic continues to increase and travelers want to arrive at their destination safely and quickly. There is a need for a circular and energy neutral infrastructure. This requires smart and sustainable solutions.

Ensure safe and available infrastructure
We supply hardware (VRI, signs & signals) and software products (control applications) for operational traffic management. We offer current and future insight into the functioning of a traffic network through platform services ( We advise road managers on traffic flow and support them in achieving accessibility and safety objectives.

For example, we use all the possibilities of the Intelligent Traffic Control System (iVRI) via a traffic control application. This ensures structurally better traffic flow and less maintenance. In addition, we develop innovative solutions with partners to enable road users, including transporters and logistics service providers, to travel safely, quickly and in a sustainable manner. Data and communication are converted into benefits for the user. Also for cyclists. Cyclists are identified earlier via an app that is connected to traffic lights and a green light can be requested.

We continue to innovate with partners to increase road safety. We can therefore offer a solution in which the course and edges of roads and cycle paths are accentuated via projected lines.

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ReQuest: Slim, veilig én duurzaam onderweg

Met ReQuest biedt Vialis een oplossing (applicatie) waardoor transporteurs, distributeurs en logistieke dienstverleners met minimale belemmeringen veilig, snel en op een duurzame manier hun route kunnen afleggen. Door de chauffeur centraal te stellen kan de logistieke dienstverlener en de overheid hun veiligheid- en duurzaamheidsdoelstellingen realiseren, door doorstroming en beschikbaarheid te reguleren.

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Altijd optimale doorstroming met Flex

Flex is de Vialis oplossing voor het onderhoudsvrij regelen van verkeer op een lokaal kruispunt. De Flex verkeersregeling (regelapplicatie) is speciaal voor de Intelligente verkeersregelinstallatie (iVRI) ontwikkeld en benut alle mogelijkheden van de iVRI om het verkeer op een kruispunt optimaal te regelen.

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